Bucket Conveyor

Maxilift Inc

For more than 35 years, Maxi-Lift, Inc. has built superior elevator buckets by exceeding customer expectations. The Maxi-Lift name means unmatched service, customized solutions, engineered quality, and fast delivery. Our elevator buckets are in operation around the world, moving everything from aggregate to zinc, because we put the customer first. Maxi-Lift, Inc. manufacturers elevator buckets and related conveying components for agricultural and industrial applications.

Sweet Mfg

Bucket Elevators

Sweet bucket elevators feature galvanized steel construction with a wide selection of models and capacities up to 55,000 BPH (1,397 MTPH). They elevate all types of materials for either agricultural or industrial applications.


Sweet offers a wide variety of high-quality, efficient conveyors with a full range of capacities for both agricultural and industrial uses. Each is designed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance.

Support Structures

Sweet support structures offer convenience and safety. Galvanized steel construction delivers long-term performance. The bolted design makes for fast and easy installation by eliminating field welding.

Clam Shell Bin Gates

Complete line of Simplex and Duplex bin gates constructed of heavy gauge steel plate, abrasion-resistant or stainless steel. Any model can be adapted for pneumatic operation. Easily attached to hoppers, bins, and chutes. Numerous sizes in stock.

Heat Processors

The CalorMatic® is modern technology that makes heat processing of a variety of free-flowing materials simple, practical, and profitable. Natural gas, propane, or alternative fuels, in an efficient burner, heats air which passes through the fully perforated bed of the product chamber. The product is gently, thoroughly, and evenly heated to a consistent finish.


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Tapco’s enormous in-stock inventory includes over 1 million buckets and 15 million bolts, along with abundant options include abrasion-resistant sheeting, drag flights and hanger bearings on the same order. Additionally, our helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to build a prosperous relationship with you for years and years into the future